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How to Hang a Pure Name Sign to a Wall

A lot of customers love our classic pure name signs cut out of wood with one of several dozen of popular script fonts. So a common question they asked is how to hang a pure name sign.

Unlike our other signs with a baseboard, a pure name sign will be shipped with no hanging hardware. So here is what we suggest hanging a pure name sign on the wall.

We recommend using command strips or strong 3M double-side tapes. For heavier and larger name signs, we recommend combine 3M double-sided tapes with tiny nails to double secure the position of the sign on the wall and increase the safety for babies around the sign.

Let’s say you want to hang the sign “Zavier”.

Step 1: You first cut the double-sided tapes into small segments and tape on the various stress points on the back of the sign. Make sure they are properly hidden behind the sign wood so they are invisible (tape segments shown as green in the image below).

Step 2: position the sign with the help from another person to make sure the position is correct. Tape the sign firmly on the wall.

Step 3: Once the sign is on the wall, now add a few tiny nails to the multiple locations of the peak loops, right under the wood edges (the nail positions shown as red circles in the image below).